Our Mission

Here at Asuso Couture we aim to provide quality chic attire at reasonable prices. Coupled with excellent customer service, we want to have every woman feel and look fierce. To do this we are constantly looking and sourcing the latest stylish trends.

 The Company

Asuso Couture is an online store and operates from Houston Texas. Launched by fashionista Audrey Vera, Asuso Couture open its online boutique in 2019. From a young age Audrey has always had an eye and passion for fashion. She had a difficult time finding classy sexy unique pieces and would end up altering and designing most of her clothes. After the birth of her son, she was unhappy with the way she looked and didn’t enjoy dressing up any more. To get out of the funk she started working out, eating clean and used fashion to boost her mood, spirit and talent. This lead to the creation of Asuso Couture, Audrey wanted women to be at there best and have access to classy sexy unique pieces.

Fast forward to 2020, covid-19 pandemic changed all our lives forever and being alive is a gift we do not take for granted. Audrey felt that she should use her talent and design her own clothes as tomorrow is not guaranteed. She is currently working on in house designed pieces bringing clean silhouette, prints and neutral colors. Stay tuned for the release of our in house pieces.

Asuso Couture partners with Jenga Keja (which means build a house). Jenga Keja is a non-profit organization located in Kenya, Africa. There goal is to support the less fortunate communities by providing food, clothing, and building homes. As of date they have built a total of 26 homes 👏🏻 👏🏻. A percentage of every sale goes towards Jenga Keja.